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Our mission is the provision of quality services to our clients while conserving the rich flora and fauna so abundantly found in the regions that we visit.


To be one amongst the best Tour Operators in the East African market in the field of Travel and Tourism.


One of the core activities of Abandera Africa Royal Trails is ecotourism in Kenya, with particular concentration in Central and Western Kenya. The purpose of these safaris is to ensure that our clientele interact with the local people in the areas they visit even as these indigenous peoples earn directly from these tours:


Abandera Africa Royal Trails as a number of agrotourism itineraries in central and Western Kenya. This concept is a direct expansion of ecotourism, which encourages visitors to experience agricultural life at first hand. This type of tourism is gathering strong support from small communities as rural people have realized the benefits of sustainable development brought about by similar forms of "green tourism". Visitors have the opportunity to work in the fields alongside real farmers and wade knee-deep in the sea with fishermen hauling in their nets in Lake Victoria.

Community Based Tourism:

The aim of Abandera Africa Royal Trails is to enable participation from the local community in the development and operations of tourism with their consent and support. Another important feature is that a reasonable share of the revenues is enjoyed by the local communities in Kenya where we undertake these tours. This type of tourism also maintains and respects the local culture, heritage and traditions. Often, community-based tourism actually reinforces and sometimes rescues these. Community-based tourism also implies respect and concern for the natural heritage, particularly where the environment is one of the attractions.

Nature Tourism:

This interlinks with ecotourism but concentrates more on enjoying and respecting the wildlife and the environment without the educational element present in ecotourism. We offer a variety of tours to wildlife parks and sanctuaries across East Africa.

Pro-poor Tourism:

Our company is involved in this type of tourism as a means to improve the local economy for local people. We link up with poor people in the rural areas so that poverty is reduced and poor people are able to participate more effectively in tourism development while earning an adequate income. The aims of pro-poor ranges from increasing local employment to involving local people in the decision making process. The most important factor is that poor rural people receive an increase in the net benefits from tourism.

Why we are the best

Personal Service in approach

On all destinations we guarantee excellence of service in our area of expertise. You can rest assured that we are dealing in what we know and what we do best. Our mission is the provision of quality services to our clients while conserving the rich flora and fauna so abundantly available in various regions of our visit.

Our teams’ mission is to satisfy each client or group in an individual way, by offering them not just a pre-set package off the shelf but rather unique adventure and safari activities.

Competitive in pricing

we believe that our tours offer you the best value for your money. We will always work with you to make the most of your given budget to allow you to enjoy quality service and provide the little 'extras' that make your tour that much more unique. All services, accommodations, ground operators and travel arrangements are continually monitored and evaluated, to ensure that we are providing you with the quality of product and service you are looking for.

Expertise and Know how

Our staff have traveled to many different safari camps, lodges, and hotels throughout Africa. With collective experience in the tour industry, we know that we have to keep our ears and eyes open for news and updates. There is no better substitute than first hand knowledge when it comes to designing your tours and Safaris.

Timely and flexibility in response

Your time is valuable and we are committed to using it effectively. Therefore, our goal is a 24-hour response time to your enquiry. Continually, we update you on the status of your request, keeping you informed with a keen attention to detail and efficiency - while retaining our creativity and flexibility.

Efficiency in Communication

Our Tour guides and safari vehicles are equipped with High Frequency radios and or Mobile phones to ensure that your safari is problem free. And with a team of experienced multi-lingual driver-guides, we feel that we certainly have the know how to make your safari a memorable one.

Client consultative Tour Package

We take the time to discuss your interests, travel style, budget, and time frame - all the factors that can influence your trip - to ensure we suggest a tour that's just right for you.

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